3M Institute: World day against child labor

The World day against child labor is celebrated in June 12th. In Brazil, the Constitution prohibits the employment of children under 16 years old – except apprentices with, at least, 14 years. Seeking public awareness, during 12 days of June, the Abrinq organized actions in several cities and had the support of 3M Brazil.

The demonstration took place in form of a flash mob (fast mobilization) at strategic points in the cities of Sao Paulo, Campinas, Santos, Diadema, Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Suzano and Olinda, where flyers about the campaign “Let’s end child labor”  and 8000 Post-it ® were distributed, donated by a partnership between the Products Office division of 3M and the 3M Institute for Social Innovation. In one hour of mobilization in MASP in São Paulo (SP), over a thousand signatures were collected against the  Constitution Amendment Proposal (PEC) 18/2011 that intends to authorize the work, under the part-time, starting at 14.

Read more here (Portuguese): Ações de conscientização marcam o Dia Mundial de Combate ao Trabalho Infantil

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