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+Unidos Social Investment Report

Last Wednesday, November 13th, +Unidos presented its Social Investment Report and you can find it online on the following links:

+Unidos CSR Report

The report includes information on Mais Unidos which is made up of approximately one hundred companies that carry out joint social responsibility activities and every year invest in socio-economic and environmental initiatives. The Group has been implementing projects, sharing good practices and establishing partnerships since 2006. The work is important and unique because it seeks to improve companies’ social investments practices for the betterment of all.

The purpose of this document is to provide a brief overview of Mais Unidos achievements, as well as the main characteristics of each company. The following pages outline projects developed in 2012 by the Group in Brazil and the main social and environmental initiatives undertaken in the same period by 37 of its companies.

Building sustainable competitiveness will create the foundations for Africa’s long-term development

The global economic crisis reminds us of Africa’s vulnerability to economic shocks, and the need to create both a stable economic framework and a strong domestic private sector, which is less dependent on external sources of funding and investment. It is only by building a properly functioning private sector that a solid foundation for Africa’s development can be created. Continue reading Building sustainable competitiveness will create the foundations for Africa’s long-term development

+Unidos firms two major partnerships for English teaching in Brazil

33+Unidos signed two important partnerships for the improvement of education in Brazil through voluntary social investments of U.S. companies members of the Group. One with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation through the promotion of online English courses through the Brazil Mais TI platform and another with the Ministry of Education, supporting the English Without Borders program.

In partnership with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the + Unidos Group provided free online English courses in basic and intermediate levels on the virtual platforml BrasilMaisTI.

The courses can be taken from any computer with internet access. You just have to create an account on the platform, enter login and password and access this link.

Besides the English course, the platform also offers 28 more courses related to IT, vocational testing, area for registration of resumes, vacancies in the IT sector and articles and news on the job market.

The group also has just opened a language laboratory with focus in English in the University of São Carlos (UFScar), in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

+Unidos is supporting the Ministry program English Without Borders investing in the acquisition of equipment, computers, software and servers to laboratories specialized in language education. The partnership appears to enhance the English language proficiency of candidates to the exchange program the Science Without Borders and other exchange program students.

The lab in UFSCAR offers eight English teachers and will be used for the application of English proficiency TOEFL tests, and also for preparation for English profiency exams and for other courses that require the use of these technological resources.

The government’s goal is to install laboratories in all public institutions of higher education and it is expected that more than 10,000 students will benefit from this partnership by the end of 2015.

To learn more about English Without Frontiers acess the website.