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HP encourages youth entrepreneurship

The social responsibility area of HP, called Social Innovation, focuses its work on projects that stimulate economic development and sustainable society by giving people new ways to be more creative, productive and successful through the power of information technology . And one of these programs is the Social Innovation Relay, an international competition organized in partnership with Junior Achievement institution.

The program aims to develop in young people new business skills and entrepreneurship. HP employees devote four hours per month to the training of these young people, showing them the role in real life as future entrepreneurs.

In the first phase of the program, young people aged 15 to 18 years in public schools across the country participate in lectures given by employees of the company about innovation. Students who are interested form groups and, under the guidance of volunteers, show an idea of ??social innovation that has a positive impact on society.

The first stage of the competition takes place at the national level. Then the winning idea competes globally online with bids from 13 other countries, including USA, India, France, Egypt, Russia and South Africa

In 2011, there was the involvement of 53 volunteers from HP, 10 schools in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, 23 teams were made and 737 students were impacted by the program. The project from Eco Style team, from Porto Alegre, was the national winner with a sound chip that helps the visually impaired to cross public roads, increasing its safety. Overall, a Russian project, with actions to encourage the development and sale of  recycled products, was the champion

This year, in Brazil, 37 volunteers participated in the first phase of classroom visit students, 35 teams were formed and 1,016 students were affected by the Social Innovation Relay in 10 schools of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Victoria. The competition with students of Brazilian schools is already occurring and, in the second semester, will happen the global stage.

About Junior Achievement
Founded in 1919, USA, Junior Achievement is the largest and oldest non-profit educational association, focusing on the practice of business, economics and entrepreneurship in the world. Currently present in 120 countries and in Brazil, has units in all states and the Federal District. Learn more at: http://www.jabrasil.org.br/ja/index.php.

A área de responsabilidade social da HP, chamada de Social Innovation, foca seu trabalho em projetos que estimulem o desenvolvimento econômico e sustentável da sociedade, dando às pessoas novas formas de serem mais criativas, produtivas e bem sucedidas por meio do poder da tecnologia da informação. E um desses programas é o Social Innovation Relay, uma competição internacional promovida em parceria com a instituição Junior Achievement.

O programa tem como objetivo desenvolver em jovens novas habilidades de negócios e empreendedorismo. Funcionários da HP dedicam quatro horas mensais ao treinamento desses jovens, mostrando-os a atuação na vida real como futuros empreendedores.

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