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The Movimento Inova 2020 is less than a month away. The event will allow a greater connection between teachers, students and other members of the state network and connect them to innovative technological solutions.

The Movimento Inova takes place on October 22th and 23th and is an opportunity to meet, recognize and value good practices of teachers, students from all over the state’s education system with regard to the new components: Life Project, Electives and Technology and Innovation .

In addition, it has three categories: the Science Fair that includes mathematical challenges, the Creative and Robotic Learning Exhibition and also the Hackathon that aims for students to find solutions to Education, check out:

Science fair

The already traditional Science Fair of the State Schools of São Paulo (FeCEESP) since last year is incorporated into the Inova Movement. The grand final of the competition will be during the event that brings the themes of Natural Sciences and Human Sciences. The finalist projects that have already passed the regional selective (DER) and the state selective (SEDUC), will be evaluated by University Professors, Entrepreneurs and SEDUC partners to choose the winners.

Interactive Robotics and Creative Computing Exhibition

At the Interactive Robotics and Creative Computing Exhibition, students in the fine years (6th to 9th grade) of elementary and high school in the network should present projects on robotics and creative computing, which have been developed within school units in any area of knowledge , study groups, student union, among others.


The Hackathon is a programming marathon with the 10 best ideas brought by groups of high school students aged 15 or over, who have created technological solutions in various formats, such as applications, systems, processes or services that are optimized by through a technological tool, for the problems and challenges of the state education network. At the end of the two-day immersion, as in the great online Hackatons that take place around the world, the group that reaches the best result will be awarded.

Other activities

In addition to these three competitions, the Movimento Inova 2020 will also feature activities such as lectures and workshops with professionals from the State Department of Education and special guests from Microsoft, Fundação Telefônica Vivo, Instituto Aberta, Qualcomm, Grupo + Unidos, São Paulo Military Police, RBAC (São Paulo Nucleus), Creative Gamification, Boeing Brasil, Ayrton Senna Institute, Educadigital Institute, Unesco, Brazilian Network for Creative Learning and Educational Triad.

Check out some themes already programmed:

• Misinformation and media education

• Importance of Digital Culture and Computational Thinking today

• Unplugged programming

• How to set up a news agency

• Life Project: Labor Market and Technology Trends

• Gamification and Creative Learning

• Robotics

• STEAM projects

• How to be a youtuber

• Computational Thinking

• Women in STEM

• Life Project – digital skills in the World of Work

• This or That Challenge: Keeping an eye on my socio-emotional development

• Let’s study with Minecraft?

• Digital Citizenship Design Meeting

• Let’s create

Edition 2019

The Movimento Inova emerged in the context of Inova Educação, a program of the Education Secretariat created with the purpose of serving all students from the 6th to the 9th grade of Elementary and High School, offering educational activities more aligned to the vocations, desires and realities of each student , through the Life Project, Electives and Technology and Innovation components.

The unprecedented initiative in the state network occurred on December 5 and 6, 2019 at the School of Training and Improvement of Education Professionals (EFAPE). More than 4 thousand people went through the event. Media education, scratch, maker culture and life project were some of the subjects dealt with.

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