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Em Movimento is a network of organizations working to support youth so that they can change the world and make more and more young people engage, develop and have access to the opportunities offered by the social field.

The seed idea of ​​Em Movimento emerged in 2013, within the Arapyaú Institute, which wanted to better understand who were the young people in Brazil and what were the projects, collectives and organizations that worked directly with young people. However, it was in the years 2016 and 2017 that Em Movimento took paths that helped define what they are today. The holding of a great festival, which brought together different youths; the creation of a communication team; the development of more organized governance; the entry of an executive secretary; the holding of several happy hours on different topics are just some of the processes that the organization has gone through in recent years.

With almost seven years of history, Em Movimento continues to guide youth, diversity and opportunities, acting mainly through the fronts: (1) construction of collective intelligence; (2) broadening the organizations’ radar; (3) mapping of organizations that work with young people in Brazil; (4) mobilizing different youth so that they can connect with each other and with the opportunities available; (5) sustainability of organizations.


The + Unidos Group composes together with Instituto ArapyaúAshokaImpact Hub São Paulo, Fundação Arymax, Instituto Elos and Historiorama, the core management of Em Movimento, in order to expand collaboration and offer support and opportunities to youth. We carry out in a network what is only possible to do together.



National research coordinated by Em Movimento in partnership with the Youth Pact for the SDGs, which aims to be the most complete compilation of content on the situation of Brazilian youth.


Compiled from constantly updated information on relevant issues during the pandemic, inspired by an online debate with several young people about “Youths and Covid-19”, an event of which he participated as a guest to the communication manager of Grupo + Unidos.


In addition to being present at the Launching of Young Ambassadors 2020 event, Em Movimento also curated the event, inviting 19 young people who are already part of our network to learn more about the organization's work and the local impact it has on the region.


LAB is a methodology from Em Movimento that proposes in-depth conversations on topics relevant to youth. Last year, in partnership with Grupo + Unidos and Historiorama, we held LAB GRET, to discuss the differences between work and income generation, new ways of working and professions, and what paths should be followed to amplify the debate and job opportunities among young people.


Created in 2020, with a focus on promoting and discussing Youth, GIFE's Thematic Network on Youth is coordinated by Em Movimento, together with the Roberto Marinho Foundation. RT proposes to be a space for reflection and exchange of experiences, addressing various themes relevant to youth, such as training, work and income, the right to the city, entrepreneurship, in addition to discussing research production and collective intelligence.


Em Movimento participates in the management group of a great alliance to promote the productive inclusion of young people in the city of São Paulo. Led by the Aspen Institute, it was born two years ago and arrives in the city of São Paulo in 2020. In Brazil, the action is articulated by United Way Brasil.

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