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Volunteer Day has the participation of +Unidos partners, stimulating sharing of knowledge, from the evaluation and improvement of the processes of the supported organizations.

Biannually, Grupo +Unidos organizes a volunteering event with the employees of the member companies. In these events, we encourage the monitoring of the socio-environmental initiatives along with those who promoted them; thus, generating knowledge and awareness.

CSR Leaders

CSR Leaders is an executive (for those focused on corporate governance and sustainability) gathering with the goal of discussing how large companies and decision-makers view sustainability policies and socio-environmental responsibilities. This event gathers representatives of some of the largest companies active in Brazil, along side social organizations focused on promoting this positive impact in an innovative manner.

From the work developed in the last few years, Grupo +Unidos has increased its competence beyond financial investment. Today, our network involves the corporate world, social organizations and the public sector, allowing for the exchange of experience and engagement.

The CSR Leaders programme promotes a number of recurrent events, executive meetings, and small seminars, with the purpose of disseminating best practices in management and business investments for the Brazilian society.

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