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Gerdau, the largest Brazilian steel producer and one of the main suppliers of long steel in the Americas and specialty steel in the world, launches its Talent Bank aimed at the LGBTI + community. The project is part of initiatives to encourage diversity in the workplace, one of the pillars of the cultural transformation that has been underway in the company since 2014. The registration of curricula can be done on this link on an ongoing basis, that is, registration will not be interrupted.

The initiative takes place in partnership with TODXS, a non-profit startup that works with the inclusion of LGBTI + people in society, responsible for supporting Gerdau with training and qualifications from its leaders and human resources professionals. One of the objectives of the project is to bring the company closer to new talents and encourage the registration of their resumes on the recruitment platform. In this way, it will be possible to have a more robust, diverse and inclusive Talent Bank.

The Gerdau People area, responsible for the recruitment and selection processes, will analyze all candidates and, when a position is opened, it will contact the bank’s people who have the vacancy profile. In this way, it will be possible to create job opportunities for these professionals and, at the same time, promote the diversity of their work teams.

“Gerdau’s cultural transformation has advanced in recent years with the definition of its 10 principles, one of which is the creation of a diverse and inclusive environment in which there is space for all people to be heard, respected and have opportunities. In order to anchor this change, the Diversity and Inclusion program started to be organized by affinity groups corresponding to the topics covered, including LGBTI +, to discuss specific guidelines and actions and evaluate the progress of the work. In this way, we have built a fertile ground for initiatives like this, a Talent Bank focused on the employability of the LGBTI + community ”, reinforces Caroline Carpenedo, Gerdau’s global People and Social Responsibility director.

“The partnership between TODXS and Gerdau is super important to address issues related to increasing diversity and inclusion in the job market. From the beginning, we built the project collaboratively. TODXS Consultoria revised the entire application form for Gerdau’s LGBTI + Talent Bank, giving recommendations on how to make the experience more inclusive, which were embraced by the company. In addition to the revision of the form, we are developing a guide of good practices for Gerdau, which will culminate in training for the company’s leading people on which practices help to create a more inclusive environment. Finally, we believe that these measures are necessary so that the LGBTI + population is not a victim of prejudice in the process of entering companies or in the work environment ”, says Fernanda Castilhos, director of TODXS Consultoria.

On the 15th, Gerdau together with TODXS promoted a live to talk about LGBTI + employability on its Instagram page. The live was attended by Fernanda Castilho, director of TODXS Consultoria, who mediated the conversation between the participants, Carla Fabiana Daniel, Gerdau’s diversity and inclusion manager, who spoke about the company’s diversity and inclusion journey, and a collaborator Gerdau who brought his career as an LGBTI + professional. The live is still available on IGTV’s Instagram IGTV.


LGBTI + diversity at Gerdau

Banco de Talentos LGBTI + is not Gerdau’s first action aimed at the community. Since 2019, the company has updated systems and processes for the use of the social name within the workplace, support for transgender employees in the transition process and inclusion of a partner of the same sex as a dependent in the health plan. In addition, it signed the Letter of Adhesion to the LGBTI + Business and Rights Forum, which gathers large companies around 10 Commitments aimed at promoting LGBTI + human rights.

About TODXS Brasil

TODXS is a non-profit social startup, created in March 2016, with the objective of collecting and processing data on the LGBTI + population and developing high social impact initiatives, focused on three pillars: society, government and companies. The organization currently has about 150 volunteer members.

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