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In view of the growing increase in the demand of the public health network in the treatment of Covid-19 cases in Brazil, BTG Pactual, Gerdau, Península Participações and Suzano joined efforts with Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein and the City of São Paulo to build a new treatment center to combat Covid-19 in the city of São Paulo. It is an expansion with 40 beds of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) erected in the complex of the Municipal Hospital of Vila Santa Catarina Dr. Gilson de C. Marques de Carvalho, in the Vila Santa Catarina neighborhood, south region of São Paulo, whose management and operation are already the responsibility of Einstein.

At the site, the public is served exclusively by the Unified Health System (SUS). “We are in a moment of great criticality with hospitals that have reached the limit of the capacity to serve and cities whose public health system is already on the verge of collapse. This initiative, which brings together the strengths of six organizations, will have a direct impact on the surrounding community, including high-risk patients treated at this highly complex hospital. This will result in more lives that can be properly cared for and saved. May this example further engage new fronts of partnerships that help Brazil overcome Covid-19 ”, says Guilherme Schettino, director of the Israelite Institute for Social Responsibility – Albert Einstein Hospital.

The works will start in March and all the beds will be delivered by the end of April and will be structured using the modular construction technique, created by construtech Brasil ao Cubo, which allows to deliver works in a definitive character and at a speed of four times larger than a common building. This technique consists of fitting individual modules, produced in the factory and then assembled on site, as pieces of a game. The main raw material for this construction method is steel, which will be supplied by Gerdau.

Modular construction is a revolutionary technique, as it increases the efficiency, speed, flexibility and sustainability of buildings. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brasil ao Cubo has built five modular hospitals in Brazil, one of which is located in the city of São Paulo, attached to the Municipal Hospital M’Boi Mirim – Dr. Moysés Deutsch.

Approximately 215 professionals, including doctors and a multidisciplinary team, will be allocated to the new ICU.

The Hospital Vila Santa Catarina Dr. Gilson de C. Marques de Carvalho

The Municipal Hospital Vila Santa Catarina is the only highly complex health unit in the municipality of São Paulo and is located in the Jabaquara region. It serves patients from all regions of São Paulo, divided into four major lines of care: Solid Organ Transplantation (kidney, liver, heart and lung), Maternal and Child, Elective Surgery and Oncology – clinical and surgical.

Post-Covid Legacy: The new ICU beds will be destined to cancer and transplant patients, increasing the operational capacity for critically ill patients, allowing the scope of the hospital to be increased.

“In the year that Gerdau completes 120 years of history, we are pleased to participate in the construction of the third hospital equipment to combat Covid-19 in Brazil. These are new beds that will remain a legacy for society after this challenging period and that have steel as their main raw material. The steel structures stand out for their lightness, resistance and practicality, which will help speed up this important project, which is the result of the union and collaboration of companies and institutions committed to the country ”, says Gustavo Werneck, CEO of Gerdau.

“We increased our responsibility towards the city of São Paulo and reinforced our commitment to collaborate with the health system of our country. In addition to being responsible for the management and operation of what is the only highly complex municipal hospital, we join the private initiative and to the city hall to make this project of such relevance viable, thinking immediately about access to Covid-19 treatment and also to the legacy that we will count on to assist oncology and transplants that are performed continuously. So we put our mission back into practice: delivering healthier lives, with a focus on patient safety and excellence in care, without leaving humanization aside ”, Sidney Klajner, President of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.

“We understand that the union of efforts is fundamental to guarantee the health and safety of society in the face of such a delicate scenario. For this reason, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been engaged in participating and supporting movements with the public and private sectors to help fight the spread of coronavirus and preserve life, while maintaining a focus on maintaining our operations and production. of items so essential for the population ”, says Walter Schalka, president of Suzano.

“BTG Pactual continues to be mobilized in support of measures to combat the Coronavirus. Since last year, we have already benefited more than 2.5 million people in 16 Brazilian states through the #NumerosQueImportam initiative. We will continue to work so that these initiatives to support health and society reach people as quickly as possible ”, says BTG Pactual CEO, Roberto Sallouti.

“My family, through Península Participações, continues to strive to try to minimize the pain of this pandemic and we know that we are at a very critical moment in the health sector. For this reason, being able to help in the construction of these new ICU beds with agility and competence of all those involved and helping to save lives in this direct way brings us hope in the midst of so much difficulty that our country is going through”, says João Paulo Diniz.

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