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Gerdau has just launched an initiative that strengthens its ties with the state of Minas Gerais and the Minas Gerais municipalities in which it is present. In celebration of its 120th anniversary, the company opens today the Edital Arte em Aço Gerdau, an unprecedented project that aims to highlight the state’s 300-year history and important legacies, such as its mineral wealth, culture and the plurality of being from Minas Gerais.

Through the Notice, nine cultural proposals will be selected and sponsored, in the visual arts area, with a value of up to R $ 265 thousand, in their own resources and encouraged through the State Law of Incentive to Culture of Minas Gerais (LEIC-MG) .

Registration is free and is already open through the Prosas platform. Interested parties have until 6:00 pm (Brasília time) on April 16 to register via the electronic address: http://editalarteemacogerdau.prosas.com.br/. The results of the selected projects will be announced on May 28, 2021.

The participating artists will also have a free consultancy from Via – Gestão Cultural, a company specialized in the cultural market, to support the procedures for the elaboration, registration and approval of projects in the LEIC-MG mechanism.

Works of art in public spaces

The appreciation and recognition of the diversity of visual arts in Minas Gerais, with a view towards the community, are relevant points of the Notice. The nine proposals will be selected by popular vote and will be installed in public spaces with wide access and visibility, such as museums, cultural centers, squares or parks in the municipalities where Gerdau’s main operations in Minas are located: Barão de Cocais, Congonhas, Councilor Lafaiete, Divinópolis, Itabirito, Ouro Branco, Ouro Preto and Três Marias, in addition to Belo Horizonte, which will have the work installed at MM Gerdau – Museum of Mines and Metal, becoming part of the public collection of this cultural equipment.

“Minas Gerais has a major role in Gerdau’s 120-year history. Therefore, this announcement comes as a way to recognize and encourage artistic manifestations that reinforce the cultural wealth built on 300 years of state history. The idea of ​​presenting cities with these sculptures is intended to increase the population’s contact with the history of Minas Gerais through art ”, explains the director of Mining and Raw Materials at Gerdau, Wendel Gomes.

Member of the project’s curatorial commission, renowned architect Gustavo Penna, who also has significant work with steel, praises the initiative. “We have in Minas a strong scene of artists who use steel as the raw material for their works. In this scenario, in addition to rescuing this look at steel art, the initiative comes as an incentive to artists, who are suffering from the lack of projects. Going further, it also promotes the democratic connection between society and culture, bringing to these nine cities a greater coexistence with ‘artistic making’, with what the arts proposes ”, points out Penna.



Through the Prosa platform, until 6:00 pm (Brasília time) on April 16, through the electronic address: http://editalarteemacogerdau.prosas.com.br/.

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