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The city of São Paulo has 765,000 men and women aged 15 to 29 who are out of school, unemployed or working in informal jobs, most of whom are black and residents of the eastern and southern ends of the city. This is what an Accenture study done exclusively for the GOYN (Global Opportunity Youth Network) shows, a global program that arrives in São Paulo with an initial network of 85 organizations and intends to create, in a collaborative way, economic opportunities for at least 100 thousand young people, from the municipality until the end of 2030. To present and discuss the concept of “young power”, as they are called, GOYN SP holds on November 24, from 10 am to 11:30 am, a free online event, which will also officialize the launch of the initiative in Brazil and present solutions that will be implemented in São Paulo to enhance decent employment and income opportunities for these young people.

The solutions that will be presented were created collectively by working groups composed of young power and members of partner organizations, which met weekly since September. They correspond to four areas of opportunity that were mapped by the program: Training and Careers for the Digital World, Development of the Digital Mentality in the territories, More Inclusive Companies for the Young Power and Life Project and Orientation for the World of Work. Solutions for the productive inclusion of young people will also be created by two other working groups – Entrepreneurship as an Opportunity and Citizen Participation – from the beginning of 2021.

“In 2021 the solutions will be put into practice. We will monitor and evaluate the results. Adjust whatever is necessary so that from 2022 we can start climbing all of them. We have until 2030 to create opportunities for at least 100 thousand young people in the city ”explains Daniela Saraiva Santos, leader of GOYN SP. “The search for a systemic solution is urgent, involving multiple actors and allowing to scale the impact of positive transformation in the lives of these young people”.

In the opportunity, the young powers will have space to tell their stories, assuming the role they have in the program. The event will propose a new way of seeing and dealing with youth in situations of social vulnerability. Sauanne Bispo, entrepreneur and creator of Go Diaspora, an exchange agency that values black culture, will be the master of ceremony, alongside Maria Inez Eurico, representative of the Youth Center and leader of the GOYN race, gender and territory Equity Committee SP.

“We urgently need to reframe what we think young people are in a situation of social vulnerability. We prefer to call them young people in a situation of opportunity, of power. They want to reconcile study, work and social life and want jobs that are aligned with their life projects. They need to be heard and have the right to choose ”, adds Daniela.

The event will be held on United Way Brasil’s Youtube. To participate, just access the event page and register at the link: https://www.goynsp.org/.

GOYN is a global program that involves people, companies, foundations, institutes and social organizations to create decent job opportunities that increase the income of young people in situations of social vulnerability. Led by the Aspen Institute, he was born two years ago and is present in Bogotá (Colombia), eThekwini (South Africa), Mombasa (Kenya), Pune and Ramgarh (India).

In São Paulo, GOYN is coordinated by United Way Brasil, the world’s largest philanthropy organization dedicated to the cause of education, and has an initial network of 85 partner organizations, including Accenture, Em Movimento, Fundação Arymax, Fundação Telefônica Vivo, Coca Cola Institute, Prudential and JP Morgan.

GOYN Launch Event in São Paulo
Date: November 24th, 2020
Hours: 10am to 11:30 am
Registration via the link: bit.ly/lancamentogoynsp
Learn more at: https://www.goynsp.org/

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