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Instituto AIPI, maintained by International Paper, in partnership with the Institute for the Development of Social Investment (IDIS), opens registrations for the call for projects, in order to encourage the exercise of citizenship and promote a more proactive and responsible for each one. Five organizations with projects aimed at Education with Citizenship will be selected and interested parties must register through the website www.institutoaipi.com.br until March 5, 2021.

The selection process is nationwide and the selected institutions will receive up to R $ 30,000 for the implementation and execution of the projects, which must be completed in 8 months.

Instutio AIPI’s Education with Citizenship notice will include the following steps:

STEP 1: registration of organizations in the selection process by sending documents;

STEP 2: sending the projects of the organizations approved in the 1st stage;

STEP 3: screening;

STEP 4: selection of projects with appraisal board for the finalists;

STEP 5: execution of the transfer, monitoring the execution of projects and conclusion report with presentation of results.

The resources should be used to implement actions that, through education, can stimulate the exercise of active citizenship and awaken the critical awareness and creativity necessary to articulate and mobilize people in transformative social actions.

“We believe in education as an instrument for transforming society. For this reason, we are looking for projects that are in line with our purpose to increasingly encourage the formation of active citizens, ”says Tamara Natale, executive manager of Instituto AIPI.

The AIPI Institute focuses its efforts on two main pillars: “awakening citizenship”, offering forms, content and training for schools and training centers to work on topics that awaken the proactivity and responsibility of citizenship in people; and “generate transformation”, identifying, selecting and training people with the potential to promote their social transformation projects in the communities in which the company operates.

About Instituto AIPI – Instituto AIPI is maintained by International Paper do Brasil and focuses on investing in transformation projects in communities. He is responsible for projects that impact communities and that increasingly encourage the formation of active citizens, offering the necessary structure for a good intention to become a good action. In these 13 years of existence, more than R $ 12 million have been invested in various projects, with 277 thousand people impacted throughout Brazil. Check out more information about Instituto AIPI on the website www.institutoaipi.com.br.

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