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We live in an amazing world.

We live in a world in which technology and knowledge advance in an exponential rate. Where your health may be thought of from birth, thanks to advances in biotechnology. A world where machines communicate amongst each other and make decisions, where cars are starting to drive themselves, where talking to someone across the globe is something quite simple. A world where people walk the streets with a computer in their pockets, that is 100 million times more powerful than the computer that took mankind to the moon in 1969

The future is among us. But not among us all.

Grupo +Unidos, born from a group of companies connected to the American Embassy in Brazil and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has been working hard in providing education for the Brazilian population so they may live fully and productively in this emerging future.

We understand that the only path to this future is through education. Preparing people to live within an economy based in knowledge. Giving the largest number of Brazilians the tools needed for them to acquire, create, exchange and be transformed by information.

We understand that, if we wish to prepare people to live in a shared collaborative economy, we must proceed in the same fashion. Grupo +Unidos suggests a new way of thinking when providing efforts for social responsibility. As a group, we have as principles collaboration, exchange, addition and multiplication. We sincerely believe that united, we are stronger.

In this sense, Grupo +Unidos offers to act as a hub, a knot in a network of allies that distributes knowledge and information. We wish to add different agents to society, sharing resources, experiences and intelligence in developing initiatives focused on education and technological development. We apply resources to educational projects that stimulates fundamental skills to the insertion of the citizen in global economy: teaching the English language and the democratization of technology. We gather private social investments in order to amplify it´s impact. In a way that the whole is bigger than it´s pieces.

Grupo +Unidos wishes to promote this mindset and act through open, inclusive and efficient collaboration. We call upon the industry, the academics, the institutions and the people to be a part of this network. A network that doesn´t belong to us. It belongs to you. It belongs to all of us, united as a society and a nation. A society that walks towards a bright future.

Walk with us.

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