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This Tuesday, 9, Mercado Livre and Globant launched the Certified Tech Developer course together with the Digital House school. The two technology companies will finance 2,500 scholarships in Latin America – 700 of them in Brazil alone.

The first class of the course, which starts in May, will be exclusively for fellows. And the first 250 scholarships will prioritize women, non-binary people, blacks and public school alumni.

In addition to the scholarships, the goal is that the program of your companies with Digital House reaches 10,000 young people in Latin America.

For Fernando Yunes, Leader of the Free Market in Brazil, the initiative comes to contribute to the high demand for professionals in the market and also to reduce inequality in the sector.

“Mercado Livre is the largest technology company in Latin America, we already have 5,000 devs in the region and the need for growth is constant. In addition, there is a social factor there, so 50% of all grants will be for women and other minorities”, he comments.

The course lasts for two years, it will be online and with live classes. According to Digital House CEO Sebastian Mackinlay, students will leave the course ready to enter and prosper in the technology market. The methodology of the digital school is learning in practice, with teachers inserted in the market helping students to carry out projects.

After the course, the CEO says that students leave the course and start straight into careers in the areas of data, quality, front-end and back-end development, among others.

“The technology area is the one that generates the most job opportunities worldwide, but we have a growing deficit of labor. Less than 20% of young people follow careers in technology and exact sciences ”, comments Alexandre Thomaz, Managing Director of Globant Brasil.

For him, it is important to bring young people to the area and encourage their insertion in the digital world. Thomaz points out that the course will not require any previous experience with programming languages or any other requirement.

To try scholarships in the first class, it is only necessary to have graduated from high school. Registration is open until April 14 on the website.

The launch was made during Tech Talks, an online event attended by executives from the three companies and social entrepreneur Edu Lyra, from Gerando Falcões. And he highlighted the value that the course will bring to low-income youth when teaching socio-emotional skills.

“Sometimes, people who came from other realities were hurt badly by difficult circumstances. Having a human, comprehensible reception and forwarding life skills together with computer skills is essential to get there”, he said.



By Luísa Granato, from Exame. Posted on 09/02/2021

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