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Volunteer Day counts on the participation of +Unidos partners, stimulating knowledge sharing, based on the evaluation and improvement of the processes of the supported organizations.

Every six months, Grupo + Unidos organizes a volunteer event involving the employees of our member companies. With this, we encourage the monitoring of socio-environmental initiatives in a close way with those who promote them, generating knowledge and awareness.
To promote alignment with the objectives of the Grupo + Unidos, social projects aligned with the Group’s social investment themes are preferably selected: teaching English and learning in technology.

CSR Leaders

CSR Leaders is a meeting of executives (focused on corporate governance and sustainability) with the aim of discussing the vision that large companies and decision makers have today on sustainable policies and social and environmental responsibility. The event brings together representatives of some of the largest companies operating in Brazil alongside social organizations that promote impact in an innovative way.

Based on the work developed in recent years, Grupo + Unidos has expanded its competences beyond financial investment. Today, we have assembled a network that encompasses the corporate world, social organizations and the public sector, allowing exchanges of experiences and engagement.

The “CSR Leaders” program promotes a series of periodic events, the Executive Meetings, and small seminars, which aim to discuss good management and business investment practices for Brazilian society.

English Access
Microscholarship Program

Sponsored by the United States Department of State, the Program targets high-potential young people, high school students, to develop their English language skills. In 2020, the Program will be implemented by Grupo + Unidos for students from São Paulo public schools.

STEM Techcamp Brasil

Grupo + Unidos, supported by its network of partners, fosters the democratization of technology and innovation-driven education.

STEM Techcamp Brasil, brings together teachers and managers from all Brazilian states to discuss new active learning actions, through the STEM methodology (of the acronym in English for science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in basic education.

The diversity of actions shared by the companies of the + Unidos Group network shows how collaborative action can further leverage the results for teaching and learning. We believe that empowering young people for an active presence in the global economy must be a commitment of public authorities and social organizations, but above all of us.

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